Kaviyoor Anjaneyar Temple

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Kaviyoor Anjaneyar Temple is situated in Pathanamthitta Kerala. The temple is famously knows as Thrikkaviyoor Mahadeva Temple. Its main Deity is Lord  Shiva, but Anjaneyar deity is more famous. 

The main offering to Hanuman at this temple are Aval Panthirunazhi and Vadamala.

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We will perform pujai on your behalf by taking sankalpam in your name and send you the prasadam. Book online to perform Puja in Kaviyoor Anjaneyar Temple, at Anarghyaa.com and get the Prasadam to your doorstep

Significance of the temple:

The main Idol of Lord Shiva was installed by Lord Sri Rama in the presence of Sita, Hanuman, Sugreeva and Vibheeshana on his return to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana. The temple is believed to be build in Treta Yuga. 

Temple Legend:

Lord Sri Rama initiated Hanuman to bring a divine Shivalinga from Himalayas. Hanuman went to Himalayas went searching for the unique Shivalinga and took time. As the auspicious time for prathishta neared, Lord Rama decided to do the Prathishta using the earth form that place, he moulded a Sivalinga and consecrated it. When Hanuman returned with Shivalinga, noticed that Lord Rama had already installed a Linga, so became very sad. Lord Rama told Hanuman to remove the prathishta and install the Divyalinga he brought in its place. Hanuman tried to life the newly moulded earthen Linga but he could not move even an inch and the Linga remained as such. Instead, the land surrounding it moved up to form a small hillock. So Hanuman prayed pardon, and sought Lord Rama for permission to stay near the Divya Prathishta done by him for ever. Thus Kaviyoor become Hanuman's place. It is traditionally known as the most prominent Hanuman temple in South India.

A second legend is about the installation of Hanuman prathishta inside the temple complex. Sage Vilwamangalam once visited this temple and on entering the compound he had a vision of Lord Hanuman sitting on the branch of the huge Ilanji tree in the north- eastern side of the outer courtyard. He prayed to the Lord to alight from the tree top and sit in a comfortable position in the inner courtyard, near to Lord Shiva. Hanuman sanctioned his wish and sat on the sage's Japa-Kindi in the north western corner of the inner courtyard. Later, as a result of a dream appeared to Maharaja Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma a separate sanctum was built for Lord Hanuman. 

Temple Festivals:

  • Panthrantukalabham in Chingam Kanni( July)
  • Ayilyam (September)
  • Thiruvuthsavam (Annual festival- December–January)
  • Hanumath Jayanthi (December–January)
  • Uthrittathi Attathirunal (January)
  • Sivarathri (February–March)
  • Kalabhaabhishekam (April)
  • Sahsrakalasam (May–June)


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