Dhanvantri Homa

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Dhanvantri Homa is performed restore one’s health and helps one to recover from any big illness or physical/mental ailments. Dhanvantri Homa is performed to cure any type of illness in your body thereby increasing body strength and restore it with full health.

Dhanvantri is known as father of Ayurveda and the chief physician appeared during the Churning of the Cosmic Ocean of Milk (Samudra manthana). Lord Dhanvantri is the form of Lord Maha Vishnu.

Since Lord Dhanvantri is credited with saving the Devas from near annihilation with the nectar he brought forth, partaking of this ceremony and inhaling its essence alleviates physical ailments. Performing this ceremony once a year is highly recommended to achieve the best results.

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Significance of Dhanvantri Homa:

Performing Dhanvantri Homam forms a protective shield against all types of health disorders, keeping illnesses and health disorders at bay. Enjoy a lon and healthy life with the divine energy emanating from this homa and utilize this unique spiritual remedy to experience the true joy of living.

This homam is performed by invoking Dhanvantri followed by the chanting of Dhanvantri mantra for health and then performing the homa with 108 Medicinal herbs. 

Dhanvantri Homa is ideal for: 

  • People who are suffering from long term ailments
  • Performing Dhanvantri Homa once in a year helps an individual to have healthy and a very long life.

 Ideal day to perform Dhanvantri Homa:

  • Ekadashi Tithi is the best time to conduct this auspicious homa, 
  • Guru and Budha Horas are considered suitable to derive maximum results of Dhanvantri Homam
  • For Customized Homam - Date can be fixed as per one’s Janma nakshatra and the yoga, thithi of that date.

Dhanvantri Homa Procedure:

Our Kannada Purohit / Kannada Vedic Priests will come on the specified day and time along with all the homa items.We will perform Dhanvantri Homa  at your home or place of your choice. The process is as follows:

  • Ganapathi pooja
  • Punyaha Vachana
  • Maha Sankalpa
  • Kalasa Pooja
  • Navagraha Pooja
  • Dhanvantri Homa (Japa and Avarthi Homa)
  • Poornahuti
  • Ashirvachana
  • Prasada viniyogam

No of Kannada Purohits / Vedic Priests: 2

Anarghyaa Advantage:

  • Vedic Patashala certified and experienced purohits
  • All rituals follow Vedic Standards and Procedures
  • High quality samagri to ensure a pleasant Pooja experience
  • Professional Guidance & Support


    • This is Customized Homa - Date can be fixed as per one’s Janma nakshatra and the yoga, thithi of that date.
    • The package includes Homa and Puja samagri for Dhanvantri Homa. You have to arrange for fruits, flowers, prasadam and all puja items like kalasha, puja plates etc that are needed for the homa