Kalikambal Temple

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Kalikambal Temple is situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The temple is dedicated to Divine Mother Shakti Kamakshi as Kalikambal and Sri Shiva as Kamateshwarar. 

It is said that the original location of this temple was closer to the sea shore and that it was relocated to its present location during the period of British rule in India.

It is also believed that a firece ugra form of the Goddess was held in worship earlier, and that this form was replaced with the Shanta Swaroopa form of Kamakshi , along with a Meru in the recent past.

Temple Festivals:

  • Annual Brahmotsavam
  • The Vasanta Navaratri and the Navaratri festival involve the decoration of the mahamandapam
  • 10 Days Margazhi Festival
  • The Masi Maham festival involves a procession of the deity to the seashore
  • The float festival

Temple Timings:

Morning: 6 AM to 12 PM

Evening 4 PM. to 9 PM


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