Bhagavathi Seva

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Bhagavathi Seva is highly esoteric, and not every priest can perform this sacred ritual. Only those who are initiated into this pooja system by their Guru are eligible to perform this special ritual. Furthermore, even before starting this ritual, the priest performs many other rituals in order to purify his physical and psychological being so that he is capable of channeling the power of the Goddess and her Presence with the utmost surrender

Significance of Bhagavathi Seva:

Bhagavathi Seva is an ancient Vedic puja ceremony done to restore balance in the environment and bring peace within us. 

It balances the malefic effects of planets. It is a very beneficial puja performed to keep us in harmony with cosmic forces, thereby removing and overcoming the sorrows of life and bringing spiritual uplifting. Bhagavathi Seva means worship or service to Goddess. This religious rite is commonly performed in the evening to worship Goddess Parvathi, Durga, or kali. It is both auspicious and common practice to perform this puja in the month of Adi every year.

Before starting the Bhagavathi Seva the priest creates a pattern called Padmam (lotus). This is normally done using rice powder, turmeric powder, mango leaf powder, black powder. The design of the padmam may be as simple as svastika or as complex astadala padmam. During the puja the Goddess is invoked and seated on this Padmam. Four lamps are placed at the four corners and a major one for the center.

Benefits of Bhagavathi Seva:

  • Bhagavati Seva can nullify the malefic effects of the planets and bring positive vibrations
  • Performing Bhagavati Seva will cleanse the aura of negativity surrounding you. 
  • The Pooja can protect you from troubles and miseries and help you overcome hurdles in your day-to-day life. 
  • Performing Bhagavati Seva also confer material and spiritual benefits in great abundance and help fulfill all your desires. 
  • Bhagavati Seva is highly recommended for those wanting to eradicate fear, remove evil spirits, overcome enemies and receive overall blessings and prosperity in life.

Bhagavathi Seva Procedure:  

Tamil Vadhyar  / Tamil Vedic Purohit will arrive at your home to perform Bhagavathi Seva. The process is as follows:
  • Ganapathi Pujai
  • Punyaha Vachanam
  • Maha Sankalpam 
  • Ammman Kalasha Sthapanam 
  • Devi Padmam (Mandalam) poojai
  • Deepa sthapanam 
  • Saptashati parayanam & Seva
  • Maha Mangalarthi

No. of Vadhyar / Vedic Priests: 1


  • This is Customized Homa - Date can be fixed as per one’s Janma nakshatra and the yoga, thithi of that date.
  • You have to arrange for fruits, flowers, prasadam and all puja items like kalasha, puja plates etc that are needed for the pooja