Akhilandeswari Temple

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Akhilandeswari Temple Sannadhi is enshrined in Jambukeshwarar Temple situated in Tiruvanaikaval, Tiruchirapalli (Trichy) Tamil Nadu. This temple is one of the Pancha Bootha Sthalam 

Puja in Akhilandeswari Temple is ideal for:

  • People who are facing delayed marriage
  • Childless couples 

 Book online now to perform puja in Akhilandeswari Temple - After completing the order send your Name, Gothram, Star and Date you want us to perform the puja. 

We will perform pujai on your behalf by taking sankalpam in your name and send you the prasadam. Book online to perform Puja in Akhilandeswari Templeat Anarghyaa.com and send the Prasadam to your doorstep

Significance of Akhilandeswari Temple:

The temple was built by Kocengannan (Kochenga Chola), one of the Early Cholas, around 1,800 years ago.

The Sannadhi or Sanctum Sanctorum of the goddess Akilandeshwari and the Sanctorum of Prasanna Vinayaka are in the shape of the pranava manthra - Om. The main temple Deities of Akilandeshwari and Jambukeswara are installed opposite each other, such temples are known as Upadesa Sthalams. As the Devi was like a student and Jambukeswara like a Guru in this temple, there is no Thiru Kalyanam (marriage) conducted in this temple for Lord Shiva and Parvathi.

Legend of the temple:

Once Parvati mocked Shiva's penance for betterment of the world. Shiva wanted to condemn her act and directed her to go to the earth to do penance. Parvathi in the form of Akilandeswari as per Shiva's wish found Jambu forest (Thiruvanaikaval / Thiruvanaikoil) to conduct her penance. She made a lingam out of water of river Cauvery under the Venn Naaval tree and commenced her worship. The lingam is known as Appu Lingam (Water Lingam). Siva at last gave darshan to Akhilandeswari and taught her Siva Gnana. Akilandeswari took Upadesa (lessons) facing East from Shiva. 

Temple Festivals:

  • Panguni Bhrammotsavam
  • Vasanta Utsavam
  • Float festival in Thai (Capricorn)
  • Aadi Pooram (Cancer)
  • Pancha Prahara festival

Temple Timings:

Morning: 5.30 AM to 1 PM

Evening:  3 PM to 8.30 PM


  • The Price of the Puja includes service charges, prasad, packing and courier cost and any other incidental charges
  • We are not agent of any temple, our representative will perform the puja on your behalf and collect the prasadam.
  • You will receive the prasadam between 15 - 30 days 
  • Prasadam will not have any kind of food items
  • Prasadam normally consists of Kumkum or Vibuthi or Turmeric or Sandal Paste or Akshatha