Sri Nettikanti Anjaneya Swamy Temple

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Sri Nettikanti Anjaneya Swamy Temple is situated in Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh. 

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Significance of the temple: 

Nettikanti Anjaneya Swamy is the chief deity of this village. He assumes the form of 'Kalpatharu' and 'Varapradata' for his devotees. The Idol is carved in such a manner that it appears as if the lord is patiently hearing the supplications of his devoted devotees. He looks as though he is ready to come to their rescue and the same is evidenced by his "Abhayahasta". The lord's left hand, his Abhayahasta - is placed firmly on the waist, a club is in his hand simultaneously crushing various Idols that representing evil spirits.

Every year, each devotee offers a pair of shoes for the Lord. The next day, one can witness the shoes to be a little bit worn out with thorns infesting it. It is believed that even to this day Lord Hanuman adorns them and proceeds outdoors for night walks. With such faith the devotees present a pair of shoes as per what they can dedicate to Swamiji.

Devotees reside and rest within the temple premises itself in the night pleading god to come to their aid and help them avert difficulties.

Temple Legend:

Sree Vyasaraya was said to be the most favored student of Lord Anjaneya. He had the rare privilege to see the Lord in his true form. Vyasaraya would never take his food without offering prayers to the Lord. One day Vyasaraya witnessed in his dream Nettikanti Anjaneyaswamy, who, according to many a folklore informed Vyasaraya that the lord was buried under the soil and covering it would be a withered neem tree. The moment Vyasaraya reaches the tree, it will blossom once again. Upon visiting the then known village, Nettikallu, and locating the place which the Lord had told him in his dream, the tree immediately began to blossom. Upon digging the site, a 10 feet Idol of Lord Anjaneya was unearthed. The Idol continued to glow in all its divine splendour, and was taken out to be installed where it currently stands.

Sree Vyasaraya has installed 732 Anjaneya idols in  temples in and  around Karnataka , Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in a Span of 1 year during his Yatra. 

Temple Timings:

  • 6.00 A.M to 10.00 P.M


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